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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Make your boyfriend happy :)

Here few tips how to make your boyfriend happy, hope it'll helpful :)

1.  Give him a space
be aware that in particular times he needs his own 'me time' such as time for hang out with him friends or just for doing his favourite hobby. 

2. Make over your appearance
sometimes we need to modify our looks  

3. Find a special nickname
give a special nickname to our boyfriend is one of many ways to express our affection. choose the funny or cute one but still show positive impression.

4. Cook for him
your boyfriend will love this!

5. Surprise him
Surprise can always add the sparkle of love between you and your boyfriend. for example your attendance in non guessed moments, or just give a little gift for him.

6. Give him compliment
Give a compliment is the easiest way to make your boyfriend happy. just remember to really mean it when you say it. 



  1. I don't have boyfriend. LoL

  2. dont have any? or dont have many? heheh
    its ok, you may use this tips when you have one :p

  3. why should i even have one? I am a boy. LOL

  4. :)) dikira bule nyasar darimana lu :D


silahkan komeeeeeeeng :D

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